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Who chooses to live tiny and what is a "pocket neighborhood?" When describing your choice of home as "tiny" there are typically negative connotations. You're a hippy who lives in a shed, someone who wants to surf instead of pay a mortgage, or a rambling man who doesn't have responsibilities. This couldn't be further from the truth... Let's choose to create responsibility for our finances, or streamlining your life to focus on what makes you happy? We can get so much more out of the same space when it's engineered for our fast-paced lives built on convenience. We can have high-end electric cars and choose living convenience to streamline the things we no longer spend time doing. Let's replace this time with experiences, preferably those with our higher self, family, and friends. Living > Stuff. 

Maybe it's time to start a new life getting out of the city. Our intimate relationship is growing and it's time to get a place for ourselves, goodbye roommates! We cannot yet "truly" afford to buy a place in the outer boroughs. We have been dreaming of having a private outdoor space to sip our coffee, watching our puppies run and play. We want to have a place to park our vehicles and have a shed for storage. We here at TinyBurbs are working on solutions by providing a new rentable lifestyle. Are you interested in living Tiny but do not want to have to coordinate the process, hell where do we park it? Our rent to own contracts will allow you to finance your Tiny home and then hit the road if our careers locate us to another state! Even if we know we're staying in the Metropolitan Area, we're not sure if we want to invest in our "forever home" just yet. What we are sure of is we do not want to overextend our monthly budgets. We do not have a huge down payment, no one wants a mortgage with PMI...

Living conveniently in the New York Metropolitan area is not cost effective, period.  Our mission is to create mixed-use communities of houses less than 400 square feet. Close to the cultural hubs and nightlife that make us happy. We no longer want to endure 90-minute train rides, 3 connecting buses, or paying up to $800 per month to commute and finding parking to have a car for the weekends. We are sick of sharing an apartment with 3 roommates we didn't know before living with them, because "hopefully" they can pay their bills. We enjoy being outside without hanging out of our window...breathing in brake dust from our fire escape. We enjoy space is crucial, privacy is necessary, and it must be easily accessible. 

The cost of living in New York City is at least 68.8% higher than the national average. An average renter spends $3,000 per month for 450 s/f in Manhattan, usually a walk-up studio apartment. With that said, household expenses are typically 35%-45% of our earnings, tack on another 10% for commuting. Let's free up nearly 50% of our overhead. Do you earn over $120,000 per year and are still over budget for a small apartment in a sketchy location?  Do you want to live by yourself? Can you and your partner start a family with all of these new bills in the equation? 

Aside from freeing up the budget, how much time are your spending commuting? Time will always be our most valuable asset. The average public commuter time, from the Village to Downtown Financial, is still over 27 minutes. Next question, can you afford to live anywhere near the Village, or close to your office? More affordable uptown locations, such as Washington Heights, can take up to 60 minutes to get Downtown! We can reduce our commute up to 30% by getting out of Manhattan. We can free up time to go back to the gym, not stress leaving the office at 5pm, and be home before dinner with our loved ones. So you're telling me the solution is the outer boroughs, the island, or the burbs???

Life is a collection of choices we make. Superseding our choices is obligations and responsibility, most often self-inflicted. Financial freedom makes our ability to choose reality. Just like a successful business operates, we need to keep our overhead low. Our goal is to reduce the highest expense we all share, our household living costs. Let's do this together!!

There are incredible benefits we didn't even touch on. Community is something we often overlook. Do you know your neighbor who lives behind the door next to you? Imagine a community who shares common interests, who wants beauty, safety, and pride in ownership! We are tribal people, it's still hardwired in us to protect our village. We care about security, belongingness, and love. A support system, friends and smiles, we're in this together.

We're going to make this happen, bet on it, please email us and let us know what area you are interested in. 

Our Vision

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