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Land use and community planning is an incredible achievement. Life creation takes time and the birthing process of a new way to live is going to be a long road.  Most jurisdictions adopt legacy versions of the IRC and are governed by State legislation and Code Compliance. Future will favor the bold who will work to create change and keep our energy moving forward. There will be many pivots along our journey to creating legalized property where occupants may live legally via Certificate of Occupancy. Good news to report, we're aware and acknowledge the task.  Details forthcoming.  :) 

​Is your Municipality interested? Please contact us here.

Coming Soon:

  • Intro Video to Pocket Neighborhoods

  • 3D rendering of stage 2 pilot community.

  • 3D animation 30sec community flyover video of stage 3 community. 



Stay updated when we release locations! Our blog has weekly status.

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