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TinyBurbs After Action Report

2/22 - Finalizing design for pilot community, Stage 2 housing. 3D model to be available in 2 weeks. Bergen and Passaic Counties getting closer.

2/15 - Stage 1 and stage 2 community designs in works, current interested municipalities are leaning towards stage 2 aesthetics.

2/8 - Political leads making breakthroughs in (2) Bergen County townships, pushing for stage 2 and 3 housing. Passaic County we are getting close and (2) townships investigating potential locations.

2/1 - Political leads mission focused on (1) Essex County city for Stage 1 housing. 

1/25 - Stage 1 homes are going to be approx 400 s/f with minimal upgrades. Stage 2 homes will have high end furnishings with moderate upgrades. Stage 3 are 600 s/f with high end upgrades and creature comforts.

1/18 - Bergen County leads the way, we continue to work Hudson strong but hitting snags with target city.

1/11 - Multiple designs in the works, as we get into zoning we can release more design information.

1/4 - It's 2018. We're going to get transparent with you. We share this journey and want you to be just as pumped as we are when we release the first round of rental applications.


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